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                                           Xin Hu’s
Wellness Acupuncture for weight management
                     Acupuncture and Weight Loss: A Healthy Way to Gain Control of Your Weight

As an experienced traditional Chinese medicine doctor, Dr. Hu understands that women’s health is often very different
from men’s health.  Many women are not aware that women suffer twice as often as men from most forms of depression
and from anxiety disorders and nine times as often by eating disorders.  Weight management is often related to
depression and anxiety and is a great source of concern for many women, as it can negatively affect their lives in so
many different ways.  Xin Hu’s Wellness Acupuncture for Weight Management helps treat weight control issues and
improve women’s lives.

Traditional Chinese medicine helps patients lose weight by treating a patient’s entire health, including her emotional and
mental health.  Acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medical practices work together to reprogram and restore
normal functions by stimulating certain points on the meridians in order to free up the Chi energy.  Customized tea
further helps compensate for the loss of the Qi and release excess Qi.  As it has for 5,000 years, Chinese medicine
emphasizes a holistic approach and treats the whole person.  Many people have found traditional Chinese methods of
healing to be especially beneficial in weight management.  More and more women who are frustrated with diets that don’
t work and who do not want to take diet pills or undergo weight loss surgery have found their way to alternative
treatments such as acupuncture.  

The treatments for Xin Hu’s Wellness Acupuncture for weight management go one step further and are even more
effective than traditional Chinese acupuncture.   Xin Hu’s Wellness Acupuncture for weight loss focuses on balancing a
patient’s Qi and thereby increasing a patient’s energy, helping to control appetite, facilitate digestion, increase
metabolism, get rid of extra dampness, release toxins, improve circulation, rebalance hormones, decrease stress levels
and in general get to the root of the problem that is affecting a woman’s weight and overall health.  Patients often ask
how long it will take to lose weight and the answer is different for each patient, as the underlying causes of weight gain
are different.  Dr. Hu works with each woman very carefully to find out what is at the root of their weight issues and to
develop a treatment plan specific to what can be a very complicated set of issues affecting the patient and causing her to
be overweight.  If depression, for instance, is causing a woman to overeat, then depression will be treated first and then
the weight will come off as a result.  The program is a partnership between patient and doctor that helps educate the
patient about her lifestyle affects her health and helps patients improve their health through gradual changes in
behavior and diet.  The end result is a patient who better understands her health and a body that is more balanced and
more able to heal itself or maintain good health.

Lake County Acupuncture Clinic is a traditional Chinese medical clinic focused on helping people stay healthy and keep
well.  The center was founded and is run by Doctor Xin Hu, who has more than 20 years of experience in traditional
Chinese medicine and acupuncture.  She has extensive experience in a wide variety of traditional Chinese medical
techniques complimentary to acupuncture, including cupping, guasha, moxibustion, Qigong, acupressure, herbal
medicine and Tui na massage, which are incorporated into treatment plans and services at the clinic.
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