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                                 Taking into consideration of your whole body
                                             Not just the separate symptom    
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              Dr. Hu, CMD, DAOM, Licensed Chief Chinese Medicine Doctor in China and  
              Licensed Acupuncturist in USA, was  also certified by National Certification
              Commission of  Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in USA.  Dr. Hu has 27 years of
              experience  in authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture & Herbal             
              tea customization; she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Chengdu
              University of TCM-one of the four earliest established TCM universities in China.
              She also obtained doctor degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in USA.
              She was Promoted to Chief Doctor in Sichuan provincial hospital a few years  
later and was specifically responsible for out-patients and hospitalized patients diagnosis and
treatment with TCM acupuncture before she came to USA.
She is the second generation doctor in her family. Her mother was a medical doctor and a
hospital president before she retired. Dr. Hu inherited care with heart from her mother.
Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on balance of body, mind and spirit to regenerate energy
and recover from illness; Dr.Hu uses holistic approaches which naturally relieve headache,
migraine, back pain, muscle spasm, insomnia, and psoriasis and also support women's health
with her  yrs experience and the deep understanding of Traditional Chinese medicine.
She wins highly admirations from her patients in both China and USA because of her quality
Dr. Hannah Xin Hu, expanded her Lake Forest acupuncture office  from
one treatment room to three treatment rooms in August, 2008. Patients
could enjoy the wonderful treatment in the comfortable rooms.
Dr.Xin Hu has been working at her Lake Forest office since 2005
Dr. Hu has been working  in Center for Holistic Medicine in
Riverwoods, IL as an acupuncturist since 2005
Dr. Xin Hu was a chief doctor of Traditional Chinese
Medicine in  Sichuan Province Peoples' Hospital since 1995
Dr.Xin Hu studied acupuncture in Chendu University of
Traditional Chinese Medicne, one of the four earliest
established TCM universities in China
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