There is no greater happiness for me than when my patient
achieves relief from his/her suffering.   Xin Hu
Lake County Acupuncture Clinic
                                   A Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic
* "You saved me,did you treat many patients bit by spider in China?"-J.B
    The patient was bit by a spider three months ago, he visited his doctor many times, his doctor told him
    it will needone year for him to recover. He couldn't see any sign of healing after many times visits when
    he was visiting me. The wound on his leg was fluidity, reddish and swelling. After he visited me for 3
    times, the inflammation was controlled and after 6th time visit,    the wound was dried and half month
    later he told me: "you did a wonderful job for me."
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*In July of 2006 after suffering sudden hearing loss and tinnitus I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease.
Those were the Major symptoms until September of 2007 when I began having vertigo episodes. They
continued several times a week and after seeing a specialist with no relief, my internist referred me to Dr.
Hu, I began seeing her in November for acupuncture treatments and within the month they subdued. Several
months later I had a couple more spells. I returned to Dr. Hu for additional treatments which once again
suppressed my vertigo.
Dr. XIn Hu gave a lecture on Emotions in Chinese Medicine at Holistic Center.
*Dear Dr.Hu,
I cannot thank you enough for helping me with my asthma,I was seriously ill. I felt my health was spiraling
downhill in a vicious cycle. Every fall until spring my asthma would take over my life.First it would seem like
bronchitis only to lead into a pneumonia type of illness that would be finally controlled after months of illness
by prednisone, The prednisone eventually hurt my digestive system.That damage would even worse my
acid reflux which would trigger my asthma to start up all over again. I was so sick and the attacks was
lasting longer and longer. I would just wait for summer like weather. I thought I would have to leave my family
and move to south from fall until late spring as the last steps to survive. However, you changed this terrible
illness. I came to you 2 years ago and now have it under control.Your treatments and teas made adifference
in my life.I cannot thank you enough.    
*Dr. Hu,
I can't thank you enough.  As a chronic psoriasis sufferer I dreaded the long winter months when the itching
and scaling always get worse.  Your approach, using traditional Chinese Medicine, stopped the psoriasis.  I
would highly recommend your treatment.  Keep up the good work.
*Dr. Hu,
Over the years, I have tried numerous remedies for my allergies.  Really don't like taking pills and their
drying side effects.  Your approach with using Traditional Chinese Medicine, a combination of acupuncture
and herbal teas is extremely effective.  Easy breathing without the pills.  Would definitely recommend this
approach to those with allergies.  Thanks so much.  
*I experience frequent headaches and sinus problems due to allergies. I was tired of constantly taking
over-the-counter medication, I started going to Dr. Hu as an alternative way to treat both problems. After a
couple of months acupuncture, my headaches and sinus problems are all but gone.  Dr. Hu is also giving
me an acupuncture facelift. Every time I leave her office, not only do I fell great I look years younger.  All with
no surgery or medication. I would highly recommend Dr. Hu to anyone who is thinking of checking out the
benefits of acupuncture.
*I had suffered from pain in my hands caused by cubital tunnel syndrome for years and years and had seen
other acupuncturists, hand surgeons and chiropractors and been treated before, but the pain persisted until
I went to see Dr. Hu.  Her treatments worked from the beginning and I am now pain free.  She is not only
technically adept, she is one of the most understanding and compassionate doctors I have seen.  My
condition does require me to come back from time to time and get rebalanced through acupuncture,
cupping and moxibustion, and Dr. Hu is always there for me, not only through the treatments but also
through her advice on living a balanced life and the wonderful herbal teas that she customizes for her
patients.  While I still see my regular internist and other specialists as needed, I don't feel my healthcare
would be complete without the addition of Dr. Hu and her treatments.
*Hi Dr.Hu, I just wanted to give you a testimonial in regard to how much you have helped me with a shoulder
problem & migraine headaches.Your treatment of the shoulder problem with acupressure,
acupuncture,exercises,&herbal medicines enabled me to avoid shoulder surgery.This was becoming my only
option after many physical therapy sessions.Following this success I worked on migraine headaches which I
have had since I was a very young child. Thanks to you, I can see the end in sight
with this very painful condition.
Your knowledge and patience supported me through these times.It should be mentioned your goal was
always foremost to help me,hence you were very generous with your time.THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

*“I reached out to Dr. Hu for various reasons. Some of the obstacles I was dealing with were ADD, obesity,
high blood pressure, insomnia, and substance abuse.After several attempts to cure myself of these
symptoms with several doctors, I was anticipating more of the same. My treatments were not what I thought
they would be. I could barely sit through a 10 minute session, let alone 1 to 2 hours.With Dr. Hu's assistance,
I have lost 30 pounds, controlled my ADD and continue my sobriety. I can now sit through 1 to 2 hour
treatments, on my way to losing more weight, and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.
Dr. Hu has helped to change my life. I praise her talents and recommend her highly.
David. "

*Dear Dr.Hu,
You have been wonderful and you changed my life. Acupuncture works!! It has been an amazing journey to good
health!!  Love        
Lake County Acupuncture Clinic  Serves People from
Lake Forest, Lake County, Lincolnshire, Libertyville,Highland Park, Glenview, Northbrook, Wilmette, Buffalo
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and beyond.
*I went to Dr. Hannah Xin. Hu for 12 sessions of acupuncture to treat sleep issues and adrenal fatigue per the
recommendation of my physician.  I have had previous experiences being treated with acupuncture throughout my
adult years.  I am a huge supporter of Chinese medicine, and have studied chi gung and kung fu for over 20 years.  
Dr. Hu was unique compared to any other Chinese medicine physician.  She used a great amount of needles
carefully placed each time.  I observed how detail oriented she is with her acpuncture procedures.  She provided the
best treatment I have ever had.  She healed my 2 conditions and I started healing from the very first session with
her.  I want to express that each session was carefully handled.  Dr. Hu takes her time, and I noticed how thorough
and precise she was at each session. I memorized where each needle was placed because of her precision.  
Sessions were long, and I never felt rushed or that she had numerous patients simultaneously.  She presented as a
very responsible and well-trained physician.  She is warm and kind, and fun to work with.  She treated me with great
respect.  I would only use Dr. hu for my Chinese medicine from now on.  I feel lucky to have found her, and would
recommend her to anyone.  I never felt this way about any other Chinese medicine practitioners, and never had a
healing response from past practitioners at all like this.  Lastly, her expertise and use of Chinese herbs was highly
effective for my healing.  She produces the combination of herbs right in her office.  Her prices are very reasonable,
and her office is warm and comfortable.  I fell asleep during treatments for this reason.  Then I would awaken feeling
on top of the world.  
Ben A.
* Those results may vary from person to person.